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Download Google Driver online storage 4.2019.18202 for IPhone - online storage of the iPhone very likely You take care of the room is 15 GB in this service to upload and share all types of files. Service of online storage has become a tool that is beneficial for all type of parts, be it professional, academic or domestic. There are some conditions where it may be beneficial to have a room in the cloud to store files of any kind: a work presentation, photo album, Word or Excel documents, videos ... in short, anything that we want to keep any of your smartphone or tablet we or the other don't need to bring it with the physical. 

Deals in the type of application are so vast, zooming in to one of which is OneDrive from Microsoft (formerly SkyDrive), Box, Dropbox, iCloud or provided by Google. Engine crawlers have a Google Drive - online Storage service is free for all users just because one e-mail account required. 

Room 15 GB of free storage 

Yes, enough with the e-mail accounts Your Google (which You use for Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Docs ...) You have the disk online to upload Your files. This is not the number of rooms that can be ignored, especially given its price. How? You need more and more and not understand the step of obtaining the more megabytes of free storage space in Google Drive? Well, You need to hire one of their ideas that is in their price, so those with the ability is intended for the company: 

  • 100 GB for 1.99 euros per month. 
  • 1 TB for € 9.99 per month. 
  • 10 TB for € 99,99.

When we evaluate the benefits as well as the character of the service, we found one of the schemes is best for uploading files to the cloud that play a role so a backup copy or to share the work. Even also, the benefits of collaborative working and share are some very interesting: to share with other users or authorize their access to view, edit, or comment on the document, simply with a few clicks. 

Beyond that, this role is prima synchronized with a suite of online office Documents, a feature that is so beneficial to enhance the productivity of user time work with text documents, presentations, or spreadsheets. 

In brief, this is the character primarily: 

  • Upload a file from the hp smarts Your or download for quick. 
  • Open the app PDF, photo, video, text documents ... support up to 30 formats different. 
  • For files and folders with people as well as set access permissions at multiple levels: edit, read, or comment. 
  • Quick connect file most Your new. 
  • Check details and activity files. 
  • View files offline 

It should be remembered if this is the service multi-base that has an application to the scheme of operation is different. So here we have an app for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, and also offer the same for Android, Windows PC, and Mac. To open Google Drive in Linux, yes, You have to go to the site. How also, what's important is that You can connect Your files which You want.
Download Google Drive  online storage 4.2019.18202 for IPhone | Download Here

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